I am a mother of three and a housewife. Over time, my world has narrowed down to four walls and challenges of the daily routine. Day in and day out, I cook, I clean, I do laundry, I take care of the children, and create cozy atmosphere at home. My existence is a daily emotional and aesthetic family service.
Photography has become for me a way to relieve inner tension and escape from routine. It is an opportunity to satisfy an urgent need for self-actualization. I am referring to stereotypical female images. And by constructing useless compositions from everyday food and household items, I mock the role of a housewife and at the same time attach importance to the ordinary. When creating a collage, I combine and recombine subjects and backgrounds, photograph them over and over again, combine and process the resulting images in a graphic editor. My actions take on an automatic nature, close to the state of work at home. By leaving obvious traces of digital manipulation in photographs, I seem to be declaring that I am, I exist.  

April-December 2020
St. Petersburg, RU